Creative Wings is a Registered Charity (No: 1158924) providing life skills training programmes for youth and young adults in the Greater London area. The programme will form partnerships with local schools, educational institutions and youth services to deliver life skills and advanced technology training. Creative Wings is committed to developing young people and promoting Entrepreneurship, strong interpersonal skills, relevant technological skills for work to develop citizens of the future. Only through Education and training can a sense of individual responsibility be established that will give youth the commitment to follow through on the path to adulthood with a sense of pride to follow and accomplish their dreams.


To act as a resource for young people aged between 11 and 22 living throughout London by providing training,  advice and assistance and organising programmes of physical, educational and other activities as a means of:

(a) advancing in life and helping young people by developing their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals;
(b) advancing education;
(c) relieving unemployment;
(d) providing recreational and leisure time activity in the interests of social welfare for people living in the area of benefit who have need by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disability, poverty or social and economic circumstances.


The mission of Creative Wings is the pursuit of the following principles:

Commitment: Creative Wings wants to ignite young minds and inspire them to be entrepreneurs of the future, instil strong interpersonal skills and a sense of hope in the future.

Responsibility: The focus of Creative Wings is to empower youth in establishing their own goals and follow it through to a successful career.

Awareness: Creative Wings wants to expand the perspective of young people to make them aware of life’s possibilities.

Support:  Young people are dramatically influenced by their support system and exposure to new opportunities. Creative Wings wants to support young people in a caring, inclusive and technology driven learning environment.


The group for Creative Wings is young people aged eleven to twenty-two who will benefit from life skills training and extra-curricular courses to develop their technological and entrepreneurial skills to uplift them from their underprivileged situation. Creative Wings has created a series of programmes that will train the young person and help him or her in developing their skills and interests.